Welcome to our online application for housing.

We have the following housing programs available:

Housing Choice Voucher

Click here for information on our Housing Choice Voucher program.
This waiting list is currently Closed .

Public Housing

Click here for information on our Public Housing program.
This waiting list is currently Closed .


PLEASE READ BELOW prior to clicking the link for the pre-application so that you understand the process of our applications.

The online pre-application that you are about to complete is only the first step in several to become eligible for a low-income housing unit.  If you have a Preference of Veteran, Homeless and/or Displacement Due to Natural Disaster and you mark that on your pre-application, you will be required to provide documentation within 10 days of submitting the online pre-application.  If you don't provide the verification within the 10 day timeline, then that preference you marked will be removed.

Please understand that where you are on the pre-application waiting list is not the actual waiting list for a unit.  Once you get to the top 50 on the pre-application list is when we pull your name to come in for a Full Application appointment to bring in all income verifications, assets if over $5,000, social security cards or verification of numbers, birth certificates or verification of dates of birth from a third party governmental agency, etc. and we will also sign paperwork to be able to run criminal backgrounds and landlord histories from your full application / pre-application. 

Once the full application comes back okay, then you will be considered ELIGIBLE and placed on the actual Eligibility Waiting List from where we pull for vacant units.  That is when you will have a true waiting list position for a unit. 

I hope this helps in understanding how the application process works prior to you putting your online application in.  We will work diligently to get to your application, but we cannot give a timeline of how long this process will take due to the number on the waiting list.

Our waiting lists are closed.